Becoming Marjorie bookBecoming Marjorie is the biography of this remarkable women – a mother, educator, entrepreneur, businesswomen, philantropist, and women’s rights advocate who “invites every president of a women’s organization across the country to come to Kansas City to talk about what women could do together.” Decades after her passing, they’re still coming to so many of the programs that stemmed from the passion of a women who “woke up with a new idea every day.” From the Women’s Foundation, Women’s Employment Network, Central Exchange, SkillBuilders Fund, and Wildwood Outdoor Education Center in Missouri and Kansas, to Community Advice Centers that provide voter-training across South Africa, her vision continues to expand and inspire.

The Life & Legacy of Marjorie Powell Allen documents a historical period in the women’s movement from a grassroots perspective. Marjorie’s story is also an engaging look at a woman who strove for a purpose-driven life and the effect she continues to have on others today.

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