Grantee Spotlight

The Beanstalk Children’s Garden at Kansas City Community Gardens (KCCG)

The Leanna Flandermeyer Beanstalk Children’s Garden, located at Kansas City Community Gardens’ Swope Park headquarters, invites children to step into an immersive adventure to learn how healthy foods are grown. As they make their way through the garden, they see, smell, touch and taste living plants – discovering new, healthy favorites and learning lessons about science and the environment along the way.  

The garden includes seven unique zones, spanning more than 2/3 of an acre:

  • The Vegetable Garden is filled with a rainbow of colorful plants that are jam-packed with nutrients. Stop here to see familiar favorites and discover new and unusual veggie varieties.
  • From sweet to tangy and crisp to juicy, the Fruit Garden and Demonstration Orchard are filled with fruit trees, plants and bushes that will excite and delight your taste buds.
  • The Herb Garden is a feast for your eyes and nose alike. Here, you’ll discover plants that are used for a wide variety of purposes – from cooking to fragrances and even medicine.
  • Seeds and grains make up a significant portion of our diet. Learn about the plants that go into many of your favorite foods as you make your way through the Seed & Grain Garden.
  • You’ll need all of your senses for a visit to the Curiosity Garden. Touch, smell, taste and see your way through this garden of fun and unusual plants.
  • Step into an urban oasis with a visit to the Water Garden. This inviting garden is home to both animals like fish and toads and water plants like papyrus, water lilies and cattails.
  • The Insectary Garden features different types of plants that attract, feed, and shelter beneficial insects that help pollinate gardens and orchard.

The Beanstalk Garden is proud to partner with Girl Scouts to offer opportunities for girls to earn seven unique badges, through hands-on learning experiences in the garden. As they earn their badges, girls practice observation skills, gain an appreciation and taste for new healthy foods, learn valuable lessons about science and nutrition and discover how easy it is to grow and eat their own healthy food.

KCCG is grateful to the SkillBuilder’s Fund for their support of Girl Scout badge programming in the Beanstalk Children’s Garden. Together, we are inspiring and empowering a new generation of girls to make healthy choices that will benefit their health and the health of those around them for a lifetime!





Learn more about KCCG and the Beanstalk Children’s Garden here.