Grantee Spotlight


Amethyst Place is a long-term supportive housing program that inspires transformational healing and empowers generations of women and children to achieve recovery, reunification, and resilience. Located at 28th and Troost, we serve families from across the KC Metro area. Poverty, substance use, and trauma are often interconnected cycles that pass through generations. For single mothers and their children, additional layers of societal stigma and gender inequity create further barriers for overcoming these cycles. Associated challenges include houselessness, untreated mental health disorders, intimate partner violence, family separation and foster care placement, poor educational attainment, unlivable wages, and legal system involvement. To help mothers upend these cycles for themselves, their children, and future generations, a holistic, long-term, and evidence-based approach is needed to truly heal and empower families. For 22 years, Amethyst Place has been one of the few agencies in Kansas City that provides long-term supportive housing and comprehensive services to help families transform their lives. We do this through our Supportive Housing, Family Empowerment, and Therapeutic Support Programs.








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